A webbased filesystem frontend

This programm provides a webbased frontend to an ordinary directory structure of your filesystem.

No need to import your current data. No problem exporting your data for backup.

It is kept very simple to provide maximum efficiency.


  • Upload files
  • Download files
  • Delete files
  • Create directories
  • Delete directories
  • Configure multiple instances
  • Optional user authentication

Not available:

  • Renaming files or folders
  • Editing textbased files
  • File or folder rights management
  • Versioning or other DMS functions


  • Your webserver should at least support PHP4 in version 4.3.x or better
  • Webbrowser with META REFRESH support and cookies enabled
  • The programm does not need a database server


Download WebDirectory 2.0.1 (~14,5 kb)